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Consultancy Companies Partnership

Consultancy companies running Data Plaform projects for their clients may want to rely upon Acceliance practice and stack. Because our practice puts the Enterprise Data Model at the center and uses the Datavault technological enabler, it turns to be a tremendous accelerator at the benefit of your clients.

You are a Consultancy Company running Data Platform projects for yours clients ? You are looking for the most efficient practice to deliver product-based value at the pace of agile sprints ?

Please consider the following

A Model-Centric and Agile ready-to-use practice

Acceliance proposes you a ready-to-use practice that builds the Enterprise Data Model while delivering it in production at the rythm of your agile sprints.

You build the Data vision with no tunnel effect while bringing it to life at the pace of your sprints.

The Data Model set the Enterprise Insights while setting the target and the roadmap.

This Model is not only theoretical but becomes alive automatically in a Code-As-Model strategy.

The Data Model is fully shared with the business and sets the link with the IT department.

Each step in the practice is set in a logical sequence while not all of the stepds are mandatory at each sprint. It is flexible and adaptable to the level of maturity.

Open our Model-Centric practice web page


A ready to use technological stack

The practice comes with a technological stack based upon:

  • An Enterprise Data Modeler (from Docaposte Group)

  • A Datavault Automation solution (from Datavault Builder)

The Modeler is used to design and share the Data Vision with the business. The Data Model is then automatically and incrementally injected into the Datavault Automation solution.

The Datavault automation solution actually implements the data pipeline and offers the Visual Environment to tailor the dimensional views for the client applications (Analytics, AI & CSRD) with no-code.

The stack fully supports CI/CD at any stage of the practice.


Full support to help you start the project

We support you to start the project using our agile practice.

We help you setup the stack in the sprint zero.

We support you to set the Data vision, target, roadmap and first milestones if you find this proposal convenient to your project.

We are present if further support is needed in the life of the project.

We support you to implement new features around the Enterprise Data Model if you identify any new need that may increase the practice productivity.


You keep control on your customer relation

We support you without interference with your client. Acceliance operates data platform projects exclusively in France that's why we are happy to partnership with consultancy companies all around the world. Partnerships with consultancy companies based in France are welcome, the above rule applies with our partners in France.


Opened to onboard other Datavault Automation solutions

The Acceliance stack relies upon the Datavault Builder solution as to date.

In case your client wants to use another Datavault Automation solution, we are open to port our Datavault Business Model generator to such a solution. Please contact us, we'll be happy to dicuss such a matter.


A transparent billing aligned to use-only and no dependencies

The billing is based upon:

  • Licence hiring of our Model-Centric stack based on usage

  • Per-day billing of Acceliance architect consultant

  • Licence of the Datavault Automation solution is handled directly by our partner Datavault Builder


Your Data Platform projects become even more successful

The benefits are as follows:

  • Securing Data Insights and Technical risks

  • Cloud Finops

  • Reduced consultant teams

  • Reduced Mark to Market


We invite you to choose a slot for a presentation of our vision and offer.

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