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Does the BI Analytics scope seem too compartmentalized in the IT department?

The BI Analytics project seems to you to be compartmentalized within the IT department? Does the Analytics strategy not provide continuity of vision and effort in the IT department? Does the budget seem oversized for an investment that is so poorly recyclable?

Is this situation inevitable?

Let's take a step back from the requirement for consolidated reporting of company activities.

A reminder of the context, the reporting subject is usually understood by linking the needs for indicators with the data sources available in the operating systems and other repositories. And this is where the root of the previously mentioned symptoms originates.

It is possible to do things differently for strategic Data integration at the Enterprise level.

By putting the Enterprise Data Model at the center of the Data BI Analytics platform, it becomes possible to recycle it for other uses simultaneously. Note, we are talking here about the Convergence model and not the Operations model.

For what other uses? Let us cite some concrete cases seen among customers: fraud detection, customer behavioral analysis based on receipts and other contextual metadata, other uses in the field of Machine Learning, etc.

Thus it is possible to advantageously shift the BI Analytics scope into the subject of the Enterprise Converged Data platform.

The keys to success

  • Coherent and globalized Data Vision

  • Shared efforts and architecture choices

  • Integration of the BI Analytics scope into a global and recyclable Data vision

  • Improved Enterprise Consistency

  • Improved synergy between business departments

About the author

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José has been a Data expert and more particularly Modeling for around ten years. Previously, he was a software architect, API, SOAP and even Calculation Grid. He is passionate about building an industrialized value chain around the Enterprise Data Model.

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